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Jul 01, 1996 05:04 PM
by Alan


This letter from Helen Dennis to her English friend Miss Gosse is,
   like the previous one, transcribed from a handwritten original,
   though at present seems to lack the final part (though this may
   turn up).

I include it as part of the CWL historical material because she
   alludes to it, although events in America, and Chicago in
   particular, have moved on a couple of years.  The text follows:


5474 East End Ave
Chicago October 8th 1911

My dear friend,

Your last letter, (I am ashamed to write the date) would have been
   answered long ago if thoughts could precipitate themselves on
   paper as good wishes could furnish oceans of ink.

I am sorry you are so over worked - Does it pay?  I doubt it.  I
   worked under just such pressure while Corr Secy of the E.S. and
   I am still paying for the strain.  It came at a time in my life
   when a woman should not overtire her nervous system - are you
   counting this cost?  I suppose not and like all overworked
   people, you will just keep on until something snaps and breaks.
   You see I got out of it suddenly when for moral reasons I found
   myself where I could not officially represent Mrs. Besant.  So
   my burden was lifted at once but yours can never be lifted that
   way and I fear you will go on until the last straw breaks you
   down - Well this is not pessimism but warning!

To answer your letter as to the T.S. - no I seldom hear any news
   and seldom see any of the members.  Those who felt as I did
   withdrew and no friends of mine in Chicago remained in.  there
   are a new set of people who know nothing of the X trouble and if
   they do hear are told that he has repented!  They do not see the
   farce of still regarding as a religious teacher and initiate one
   convicted of such unspeakable crimes!  So they swallow things
   whole as I once did and some day will wake up as many of us did.

Mr & Mrs Chidester remain in the T.S. as a matter of sentiment -
   they joined it long before X was heard of and believe some day
   the Society will right itself but [missing material].


Transcribed and uploaded by Alan Bain, 2 July 1996.

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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