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Jun 30, 1996 06:05 PM
by Alan


This letter from Helen Dennis should have preceded CWL10.TXT but
   somehow got out of sequence.  I have therefore numbered it in
   sequence with an 'a' suffix.

Like the other letters, it speaks for itself.  It has been
   transcribed from the original handwritten version. (To Miss
   Gosse in England).


Mrs. Helen I. Dennis
218 E. 60th Street

August 21st '06

My dear friend,

How you surprise me! I was so happy over the remembrance and the
   gift so little and yet so big - I shall use it as a charm on the
   necklace - indeed have it on so as I write and of course you
   know how well they agree.  It shall be to me a token of
   stability in more ways than one I hope.  How did you know my
   birthday?  I do not remember telling you.  It was only a day
   late - and that doesn't count when it comes from so far.

You rouse my curiosity - "by my old days 4000 B.C." - how do you
   know?  One can easily see the symbolism in the pillar and it is
   interesting. Oh why does not someone with *true* clairvoyant
   powers read the records and write history!  The pyramids have
   always been so very mysteriously interesting to mankind & would
   teach the world something worth knowing if one could really

Midway Plaisance is really a wide boulevard of two streets - 59th
   at the north - 60th at the south.  I learned after moving here
   that the postal districts divided at the Midway 59th in Hyde
   Park - 60th in Jackson Pk. so that mail was often delayed by
   being first sent to the wrong substation by ignorant clerks - so
   I changed the address to 60th St. in order to avoid the
   occasional delays.

Thank you and thank you again dear friend for your constant
   kindness I have so much I wish I could say on the A.B. matter -
   but no time - Remember I shall always love her as herself but
   remember too that she is Head of the E.S. of *White* Occultism.
   What is right & honorable to her in her official capacity is a
   very different matter from anything that is purely a personal

There are times when the Ministry must dissolve on principle no
   matter how much they love their king.  Well I must close & will
   write more later.  Enclosed speak for themselves and yet in June
   in her E.S. letter she gives the impression she had not seen
   this 3rd & 4th boy evidence until June - What an awful lapse of
   memory!  But *why* did she fail to *see* & to *read* the third
   boys evidence - why did she wait till June to say that nothing
   can excuse teaching boys on sex matters what is to be kept from
   their parents!  What an awful muddle!

Ever Sincerely

Helen I. Dennis.


Transcribed and uploaded by Alan Bain, June 30th 1996.

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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