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Re: Coue

Jun 30, 1996 01:05 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, alexis
dolgorukii <> writes
>>Alan: Precisely how does one make an acute accent on a P.C.?

Hold down the ALT key and, at the same time press the numbers 130 on the
number pad (not the top row) then let go of ALT.  It is unlikely to
arrive at the other end of an e-mail though.
>As to your other little editorial comment, I don't hold it against you, but
>I see no reason to brag about it.

Who's bragging?  You seemed to imply that Brit theosophists were
recruited from "middle" or "upper middle class" people.  I would not
have mentioned the matter at all if you had not raised it in the first

> England would be a lot healthier nation if
>it weren't so inextricably enmeshed in "class warfare"

But it isn't.  This is an anachronism.  The "class war" notions have
been dead for decades.

> Marx probably got his
>notions because he lived in England (and of course, both Marx and Engles had
>no contact with the lower classes other than to hand them their hats and
>coats). Alan, when you have spent as much time "in the streets" and "on the
>barricades" as I have, actively working for the betterment of the lower
>classes and other disenfranchised folks, then, and only then, will you be
>eligible to engage in subtle little digs. I still love you dearly, and
>respect you greatly, but I think you really need to "get over it".

And how do you know I have not done these things?  In my younger days I
was very active in anarchist and socialist circles in London.  I believe
my name is still on an MI5 list somewhere.  I am not making subtle
little digs, just trying to adjust the record without making a fuss.
Please do not talk down to me - I am not a Russian serf, and I love you
dearly too.

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