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Re: Activity on alt.theosophy

Jun 29, 1996 11:48 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:22 PM 6/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been having some trouble getting through to the local server, so I
>haven't seen it for a few days.  Let me know what's happening.
>Chuck: As of yesterday, there were 14 messages "on board". I tried to send
a message but it was neither returned nor received (via that alt> news
group) It was to Ozren Skondrik who is so interested in the fact that
Blavatsky was a meat eater. He sent a reply to you (did you see it) saying
that Orpheus, and Buddha, and Plato, and Pitagoras (sic) and Krishna were
all vegetarians. So I told him that Orpheus never lived, so he couldn't be a
vegetarian, that Buddha died from eating spoiled pork, that Plato and his
mentor Socrates were neither of them members of Pythagoras' Sodality and
both of them ate meat, and that the only one on his list who WAS a
vegetarian was Pythagoras, and as to Krishna, he was a "God" ergo didn't eat
al all!

As to alt. theosophy I'm worried if it doesn't get its plague of
technicalities settled soon, people will just give up on it altogether.
Monday I'm going to call tech support at and complain again.


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