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Holiday break

Jun 29, 1996 07:17 AM
by Martin_Euser


after some long and intensive discussions on this list, I can use
a good break to refresh my mind. I'm not sure how long it will take.
I will look whether I have to do some rounding off of recent posts
and try to do so.

Before I leave I want to direct your attention to the following URL:

That's the homepage of the School of the Natural Order.
Vitvan (original name: deBit) was associated with the Theosophical Society
and some of its members (he has held lectures there; Evans-Wentz was a
visitor at his farm).
I've read some of the material there and it is extremely interesting
and pertinent. His material is a bit in between Adyar theosophy, Point Loma
and Bailey , but in a different style and more up to date.
He has developed an interesting approach to the Ancient Wisdom tradition,
translated it (partly), so to speak, in psychological terms, more easily
recognizable than the often difficult accessible theosophical teachings.
It may well constitute a further development in T/theosophy.
Have a look and enjoy..


PS If you know of any interesting webpages, please let me know, either
on this list or by E-mail to me. It's a service to the world at large
because I mention these pages in my FAQ to the newage forum.
Thanks in advance!

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