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Re: Bee

Jun 29, 1996 00:12 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 12:39 AM 6/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I would be willing to be my next door neighbor's first -born on it.  And
>you're right, American discourse is just a bit rough and tumble for just
>about everyone but the Australians because they are even rougher.  It may
>also have something to do with, dare I say it, the social class of the type
>of people who become theosophists in various countries.
>Oh I think fact I am sure...Theosophy, especially in English
speaking Countries has always been a dreadfully middle-class and
hyper-respectable thing.

As to the Ozzies, well the American Press never called him the "swish bish".
But when it comes to "discussion" Americans tend to be among the most
happily antagonistic arguers. Now no one can equal the Israelis, all one has
to do is watch a televised session of the Knesset and one sees folks who
really LOVE to argue! A Jewish friend of mine told me that's because
"whenever you have two Jews you have AT LEAST three opinions!"
That's why I  like them so much, you can never really get too mad at someone
who always says "But, on the other hand"! That's what's wrong with Core
Theosophists they NEVER say that.


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