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Jun 28, 1996 06:09 PM
by Alan


Transcript of a letter from Helen Dennis, Corresponding Secretary
   of the Esoteric School of Theosophy in America, to a Miss Gosse
   in England.


Mrs. Helen I. Dennis
218 E. 60th St.

June 4th 1906.

Dear Miss Gosse,

You can imagine my joy in receiving your letter. - This is the
   reason I have been unable to write decent letters this winter.
   Since last November when I learned the first "incredible" facts
   I have tried to do what was right without undue publicity and
   with some blunders of course as the result.  That I have walked
   the floor literally by the hour with a veritable bleeding heart
   goes without saying.  I of course laid the whole matter *first*
   before Mrs. Besant and the bitterest drop in my cup was, after
   weeks of waiting, to receive on Mch 26th or 27th I forget which
   - a letter from my beloved and revered teacher - actually asking
   me to cover up this crime and go on as though nothing had
   happened.  And now I am accused of hasty action!  Well nothing
   matters now that the T.S. officials have vindicated the cause of
   truth and purity - I am resigning my office as Corr Secy and the
   letter of announcement is in the hands of the printer - to be
   sent to the members.  I shall send you a copy when out.

You must not think I have done this thing alone - No, I have a
   husband first - who has stood nobly by me and advised every
   step.  Mr. Fullerton, Mr. Knothe - Mrs & Mrs Chidester, all the
   Sec'y of Discipline - Editor of Messenger - every official whom
   I have had to inform stands as one and are ready to stand the
   disgrace of the thing for the sake of the Society.

I am so glad you are with me. I felt sure you would be altho' I
   felt that it would be an official discourtesy to your E.S.
   superiors if I wrote of it to you - before they were ready to
   tell you officially.  I have tried to tell only those where it
   was absolutely necessary in the cause of official honor & the
   welfare of the Society.  I grasp your hand across the Sea and
   through eternity in the name of truthful friendship.

I cannot get over Mrs. Besant;s attitude - It has shaken my faith
   in her wisdom - though I will not let it be shaken as to her
   sincerity - Blinded by *what* delusion, do you suppose, she is
   doing this awful thing?  Well I must close - things are in a bad
   way here. Mr. C. Jinarajadasa has made a bad matter much worse
   than it need have been by so called defence of Mr L and Mrs B
   which is taking a most jesuitical turn.

Yours Lovingly,

Helen I. Dennis.


Transcribed from the original by Alan Bain, June 29th, 1996.

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