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Re: Posting of CWL Material

Jun 27, 1996 05:08 PM
by Alan

In message <Pine.BSD/>,
"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>No matter what kind of pro or against view each one of us have on CWL,
>the fact is that the material you posted is almost impossible to access
>for an ordinary member without going to a lot of trouble and expense. Now
>due to Internet, with the comfort of our homes, you have made the
>information accessible at no cost to us.
>Again thank you for the posts

A new angle on a theosophical order of service perhaps!  I am glad you
appreciate my efforts.  As I try to make clear, I am making available
*historical* material that we may learn from.  The distressing aspect of
the 1906-1909 period was not so much what people thought or taught or
believed, but the way in which it was dealt with, and, IMO, the attempts
to hide information from the membership.

As you say, we have the Internet now, and information is a keyboard and
a modem away ...

Thanks again for your encouragement.

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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