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Re: All Pilgrims

Jun 27, 1996 04:12 PM
by Drpsionic

Wars do solve problems.  The problems are ususally transitory but tend to be
very important at the time.  I mean, 2000 years from now who would care if
the population of New Zealand spoke English or Japanese, but fifty years ago
it was a matter of some small importance.  The same is true in theosophy.
 The stuff that we get all furious about now may be as meaningless in 70
years as some of the stuff you can read about in the old journals.  But right
now they matter.  Theosophy is at one these weird, historic junctures that
spiritual systems run into early in their development and the decisions that
are made in the next few years may well determine if it survives and how.
JRC makes light of the fact that I scare people.  Well, there are people out
there who scare me and a few of them are in the TS.
So what do I do about it?  Do I walk, like most others, or do I stay and
fight for what I believe in?  I've already done an end-run (pardon the sports
analogy) around the powers that be by starting alt.theosophy and it is my
hope that by means of it the ideas can be spread farther than they are now.
 But it is a big world out there and every country has a different culture,
even if they share common things like language.
American discourse can get pretty fierce.  We don't like pretense and despise
respectability.  I can see where that would make you and a lot of others
uncomfortable and I wish there were a way to soften it, but it has become a
point of honor now, and so things are going to stay pretty much as they are.


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