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Re: All Pilgrims

Jun 27, 1996 08:02 AM
by Alan

In message <>,
JRC <> writes
>People want to complain about Alexis
>calling Joy Mills a "bitch"? Goodness gracious, that is *one line* in a
>post maybe one hundred people will read. Look, though, at *what she did*

Yours is a very long post, John, so I will read it properly later.
Regarding the above, I certainly take your point, but would also want to
note that she was called a "bitch" first and the explanation given
afterwards.  With hindsight, Alexis' outburst was understandable, but it
would have been an enormous help *to all of us* had he given us the
facts *first.*  I for one had no idea of the history or background of
Joy Mills, who is just a name that appears in theosophical writings (and
adverts) from time to time.

I had intended to write to Alexis personally making the same point, but
I am sure he will read this and understand that I have been busy with
other things on theos-roots .....

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