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Re: All Pilgrims

Jun 27, 1996 00:22 AM
by alexis dolgorukii


I've been "unfiltered" for over a week now.

As usual I agree with what you have to say. (Especially about Russia which
is an area in which I am especially interested)

I think it can be simply put: "Coercive amity is no amity at all!" What the
world needs is amity that comes out of itself, naturally. You cannot make
people like one another. and sometimes, people have very good reason to be
angry. If these people think I am angry and "swear like a longshoreman" what
would they have done with Yelena? She makes me seem like a "cream puff"!

Theosophy is NOT a Baptist Sunday School Picnic, nor was it ever intended to
be one. It's in the process of pretending to be a sunday School Picnic that
Theosophy has become something not worth bothering with.

I was reading something by Blavatsky today in which she said "The society
doesn't need a Loyola" and went on to warn that if casuistry raised it's
head the movement was doomed. Have you read the American Theosophist? If
that's not casuistry (especially John Algeo's contributions) I don't know
what is.

I am becoming very disillusioned with the T.S. and my anger and rage is in
direct proportion to my disappointment. And I'm the one who's always warning
others not to have false expectations.

Another thing you're right about is that I've kept a lid on these feelings
since 1973, the internet set me free and I am reveling in it. The "Children,
let's all be nice and not fight" routine just doesn't hold water any more.
Like a lot of other people I've just realized that "they' can't control me
at all! The Internet is probably the greatest contribution to human liberty
in the course of history!

I love you too (don't get nervous, I mean it the way you do).

alexis dolgorukii

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