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Jun 26, 1996 06:51 PM
by Alan


This is the first of a number of letters writen by Helen I. Dennis.
   This transcript is taken from a carbon copy in the recently
   discovered archive in England.


Chicago, March 8th, 1906.

Dear Mrs. Besant:-

The enclosed speaks for itself and gives proof, if any further
   proof were needed, of what Mr. Leadbeater is teaching the youths
   entrusted to his care.

Yours truly,

(Signed) Helen I. Dennis.

The following is an exact copy of a note sent to the third boy by
   Mr. Leadbeater. He is one of the boys who travelled with Mr.
   Leadbeater for months. It was accidentally discovered by the
   housekeeper of the house in which the family lived while in
   --------, among some rubbish which they had left behind them.
   The housekeeper is an F.T.S., and a practical Scotch woman who
   never throws anything into the fire without first looking at it
   and thus she found it. ----- has been the home of the family for
   sometime and it is the home to which the third boy went when his
   travels with Mr. Leadbeater were ended. They now live in

The mother had told this housekeeper that Mr. L. had given the
   third boy some exercise for the private, that would kill out all
   desire for women and marriage. The mother did not know just what
   it was, only that he did it in the morning while at his bath.
   It seems that the third boy told the family doctor what he was
   doing, and he must have written to Mr. L. about it and received.
   the following reply.

PRIVATE. "You made a mistake in mentioning that matter to the
   doctor; these things should be kept entirely to ourselves, and
   it may lead to much undesirable talk. I told you long ago that
   there were different opinions as to the best way to manage these
   things, and your doctor evidently holds a strongly opposite
   view. Still, there may be this much reason in what he says, that
   while you are not quite well we should spend no force that can
   be avoided. You will remember that when we met in ---------- I
   suggested longer intervals until you were completely recovered.
   Suppose you leave him entirely alone until the end of the year,
   and then report to me whether be has been troublesome in any
   way. Let us see how long he can conveniently go, for we
   certainly do not want any drain on the system, as you say.  But
   keep your thoughts entirely away from all subjects that might
   excite him, and if he is persistent, put him into cold water."

I certainly expected a cable from her after the receipt of this
   letter, announcing the reversal of her decision, such as came
   later in June, but instead I received following, merely
   repeating her decision of Feb. 26th.

Helen I Dennis


April 18,1906.

"I have your other note, and as I understand very well the object
   and nature of what was said to the boys, I can only repeat that
   I dissent from the method, but believe, am sure, the object was
   to save from profligacy or excess of any kind."

(Signed) Annie Besant.

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