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Some Judge Letters

Jun 27, 1996 00:07 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

A few weeks ago a friend showed me a page of a program on
W.Q. Judge that was given earlier this year. He suggested,
in good fun, that the two letters on the page would make
interesting reading on theos-l. The letters follow.

-- Eldon


Paris, May 11, 1884

Dear Olcott,

I think it is time to start a section of the Society
which adopts all the doctrine of the Masters and shall
propagate it; all members of the Esoteric Section to
subscribe to the doctrine. You and HPB to stay out of it.

As ever,
W.Q. Judge


New York, April 27, 1886

Dear Olcott,

I have demanded, privately, from Coues his resignation
from the Board so as to give him a fair chance and shall
then ask the board to consider it, so it may reach India
unless they settle it.

He is either a Jesuit, or a self-seeking ass.

Coues writes and tells everybody that we must keep all
secret; and seems to think that the whole work is astral
body business, bells etc. etc. of that kind. His talk
to the women he had that night in Higley's house was
disgusting. Not a word of philosophy: all his power to
see in the astral light, of which I discredit every
word. But I said nothing then.

As ever your brother,
William Q. Judge

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