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Re: Mail order Theosophy

Jun 25, 1996 03:11 PM
by Martin_Euser

>Martin: I want to get something straight with you. I am not trying to
insult Bjorn, but I really don't care if I do. I wan't calling him an
"idiot" thereby using the word as a pejorative (insult)

Ok, I see that you mean a different connotation of the word.

A>Now, you and I disagree almost entirely on most things,

Do we?

A>but I really enjoy
discussing these things with you.
 While I feel you're wrong on many (all
right.....most) things,

	Maybe you're drawing this conclusion a bit too hastily.
You hardly know my opinion of Theosophy, just a little bit of it.
Even when you've studied my articles on Theosophy (which you
probably didn't - did you?) - even then you know only a little bit
of what I actually think and feel about these things.
I would be careful with drawing conclusions so hastily.

A> our discussions are interesting and I, at least,
enjoy them. This is equally true with Christopher Allen, he too disagrees
strongly with almost everything I say, and visa versa. But like my present
discussions with you there's no hostility either way and I think that in
time the discussions will be productive if only in that we three will each
be able to make our individual cases more clearly.

Well, maybe we can learn from each other? At least I hope so.

A><snip> I have a problem with people who are, or rather, who
claim to be, "good buddies" with "The Master Jesus". Bjorn doesn't like me
because I made statements that invalidated both Elisabeth Clair "Prophet"
and Mr. Ballard, whom I believe to be (in Ballard's have been)
strictly con-artists and phonies.

	Well, I've read one book by ECP and was not very much impressed.
 But I would not be quick to ridicule another one's experiences, however
 unlikely these may seem .

A> Now I've also said that I have some
problems with GdeP's attitude (racist) and his writings, but I have never
felt him to be a con-artist or a phoney. I just don't agree with much that
he had to say just as I don't agree with much that you have to say.

	Well, that's your right. I don't see GdeP having a racist attitude
though, but that's a matter of different opinions.

A> But I will tell the truth as I see it.

Of course, everybody should do that and in my opinion it should be done
in such a way as to not hurt another one's feelings.


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