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Jun 24, 1996 01:11 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 12:11 PM 6/23/96 -0400, you wrote:

>How does reading "Core Doctrines" allow someone else to do their growing for
>them?  If it weren't for the "Core Doctrines" of mathematics I would think
>you'd have a problem doing simple mathematics.  I have the feeling you
>wouldn't have figured it out on your own <wink>  That's how each generation
>evolves, they learn from the one before them, many times through books.

Of course those words weren't directed to you, they were in a message to
someone else. If you chose to take them personally then it's strictly your
problem because they weren't directed to you. Now let's get one thing
straight. When I use the words "Core Doctrines" I am using them in the sense
that people like John Algeo do, and that refers to a body of unquestionable
doctrines that one must accept or be considered something other than a
Theosophist. What I am protesting is a body of Doctrines that are being
given the force of Dogma. As to figuring "simple mathematics" on my
own..wanna bet? I was reading when I was three.
>For someone who is ascending through the process of enlightenment so
>successfully, you seem to be stumbling a bit by making the sarcastic and
>snide comments to those who don't hold your point of view.  You seem to have
>a problem with reading what people write, that must be why you misread, or
>don't read, what I say and respond anway <grin,jab,jab>.

Sarcasm sometimes relieves one of the responsibility of being actively
hostile. As to you chris, no I respond to what you say, but I man NOT
respond to what you may have MEANT to say. That is why when your trying to
talk to me, absolute (there's that word again)precision in language is
required. I will respond to say, I refuse to attempt to ascertain what you
meant to say if the two things differ.
>At 01:55 PM 6/22/96 -0400, alexis dolgorukii wrote:
>>How do YOU explain the fact that during the "twenties" adult,
>>supposedly intelligent Europeans prostrated themselves before both Annie
>>Besant and Jiddu Krishnamurti. If that isn't worship I don't know what is.
>Don't be offended if I don't "prostrate" myself before you in the near
>future ;-)
 Once again I'll insert myself before the commercial. I have to assume that
your last comment was intended to be humorous and I will accept it as such.
Otherwise, I really don't understand it's motivation or inspiration.

alexis dolgorukii
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