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Tourist or Pilgrim

Jun 24, 1996 02:26 PM
by Bee Brown

Yesterday I watched a video by Joy Mills, in fact it is a set of 6, that was
done at the annual Queens Birthday Weekend 3 day seminars that are held in
Auckland. This one was 3 years ago and I couldn't go that time. The whole 3
days were called Guidelines for the Spiritual Life and the tape was The
Pilgrim Path, Preparing for the Journey, tape 1.
In it she brought up the concept that the world can be divided into two
sorts, the Tourists and the Pilgrims. She then invited definitions of each
from the audience and some interesting ideas were presented. Tourists come
and look around and want to be entertained and expect to get their money's
worth whereas a Pilgrim comes to seek a way and is focussed on that. There
were many other examples but at the end she said that we should be careful
not to turn our Lodges into Tourist Attractions in our zeal to share our
wisdom. We need to preserve a place for the Pilgrim who's road is hard enough
as it is. She hit a cord within me as I have been thinking along the Tourist
Attraction notion to try to increase our membership but now maybe some real
quality stuff for the Pilgrims already within our Lodge may be wiser and more
profitable for us all.
Interesting stuff.
Bee Brown

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