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Re: Is Theosophy becoming a Religion? (Part II)

Jun 24, 1996 08:18 AM
by Michael W. Grenier wrote:
>                   "... A Church On My Grave."
>                            PART TWO
>                          By S. Treloar
>         (Copyright February 1996 by Stanford L Treloar)...
>         My contention is that Mme Blavatsky was quite broad
>  minded and would never condone the narrow minded line that
>  her TS has become.

Has anyone here studied some of the early newsletters
and other publications that were put out by the Theosophical
Society during her lifetime? I'm thinking of Lucifer and other stuff.

I curious in the amount of material presented that does not
fit what we consider to be Theosophy. Did many other authors present
things that we might consider today to be completely out of line?
It would be interesting to see what information came out of the
group which did not come directly from the Theosphical Society
leadership and which might not have followed the party line. That
would be an indication on how broad the Society was back then.

   -Mike Grenier

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