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Jun 23, 1996 09:08 AM
by Christopher Allen

At 02:51 AM 6/23/96 -0400, alexis dolgorukii wrote:
>(primarily by way of this list) I am flabbergasted to learn how many people
>not only refuse to think for themselves, but how many people are afraid to
>accept responsibility for themselves. The seem to be drawn to "Core
>Doctrines" as a way to let someone else do their growing for them. Their
>little conceptual package is all gift wrapped and tied up in a big bow!

How does reading "Core Doctrines" allow someone else to do their growing for
them?  If it weren't for the "Core Doctrines" of mathematics I would think
you'd have a problem doing simple mathematics.  I have the feeling you
wouldn't have figured it out on your own <wink>  That's how each generation
evolves, they learn from the one before them, many times through books.

For someone who is ascending through the process of enlightenment so
successfully, you seem to be stumbling a bit by making the sarcastic and
snide comments to those who don't hold your point of view.  You seem to have
a problem with reading what people write, that must be why you misread, or
don't read, what I say and respond anway <grin,jab,jab>.

At 01:55 PM 6/22/96 -0400, alexis dolgorukii wrote:
>How do YOU explain the fact that during the "twenties" adult,
>supposedly intelligent Europeans prostrated themselves before both Annie
>Besant and Jiddu Krishnamurti. If that isn't worship I don't know what is.

Don't be offended if I don't "prostrate" myself before you in the near
future ;-)

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