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Re: Ruminations (Martin Euser)

Jun 22, 1996 08:56 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Martin to Alexis:
> Quantum mechanics
>gives a description of the *measurement process* and nothing more.
>Moreover, physicists find themselves flabbergasted with the discovery of
>'non-locality' in the quantum realm. This discovery will lead eventually
>to a new kind of QM.
	The "nothing more" is a personal view.  It is the view taken
by the late Richard Feynman, whose little book QED is probably one
of the best written on quantum mechanics, without getting theoretical.
However, we have to get theoretical if we want to know how the
quantum measurement process works.  What happens when the
wave function collapses?  There are a lot of theories currently
being studied, but so far, no one knows what is really going on at
the quantum level, nor what goes on during the translation to our
own everyday scale.  All we really know for sure, is that quantum
measurement works, and that God does play dice.
	The reason why physicists don't understand non-locality
is because they acknowledge only one small physical world. There
is more to life than the four-dimensions of spacetime.
	I agree that a new kind of QM is necessary in order
to explain the facts in a manner that makes sense.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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