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Re: Various and Sundry

Jun 22, 1996 05:02 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, alexis dolgorukii wrote:

> At 01:47 AM 6/22/96 -0400, you wrote:
> >Comments on today's digest and recent posts:
> >
> >Re: subscribing to alt.theosophy.  Someone, maybe Martin,
> >posted a website address through which one could get to the
> >newsgroup even if one's server didn't carry it.  I feel
> >unwilling to request anything of the State Library in this
> >regard, since time on the newsgroup could be considered goofing
> >off.
> Paul: Welcome back,I hope you had a good vacation. This is the way I get to
> post messages on alt.theosophy, I use by "web cruiser" Netscape to read the
> news group but I cannot post from it as yet.
> >
> >Re: Krishnamurti's fame.  I checked WorldCat, the biggest
> >bibliographic database (OCLC) in catalog format, and found 297
> >books under the subject J. Krishnamurti.  This includes
> >multiple editions or translations of the same title.  PB had
> >341, Edgar Cayce 724, Jesus Christ more than 77,000.  Cayce is
> >well ahead of major founders of American religious groups like
> >Mary Baker Eddy and Ellen G. White, but behind Joseph Smith.
> >In India, I saw K.'s books in every bookstore, and everyone
> >seemed to know who he was, more so by far than in the West.  So
> >he did have a big impact, but whether or not it is a lasting
> >one remains to be seen.
> It may last longer in India because there's an immense element of National
> Pride involved.

	J Krishnamurti's has played a very important role in advising
Nehru over the years as the latter sought his feedback when many
difficult situations arose in India. When Indira Gandhi took over as
Prime Minister, she also sought his counsel when there were difficult
situations arose. Moreover, JK single handedly was responsible for Indira
Gandhi's lifting of the emergency rule she has imposed. Some of these are
the reason why he is still remembered in India.

	...MK Ramadoss

> >
> >Re: Theosophy as process.  HPB put it this way (pardon my
> >paraphrase); "Theosophy is the philosophy of rational
> >explanation of things, not the specific tenets."  And
> >"Theosophist is as Theosophy does" NOT "Theosophist is as
> >Theosophy *believes*"-- which I take to mean both attaining
> >some level of gnosis and transforming your life accordingly.
> Thanks for the agreement.
> >
> >Re: the individuals being better than the organization.  Isn't
> >this true everywhere?  In the TSA, it seems particularly so,
> >but what does this mean?  My guess is that for every step up
> >the ladder toward becoming an "important Theosophist" one has
> >to jettison certain values.  Like openness and honesty and
> >responsiveness to perceived needs.  Those values get supplanted
> >by values like solidarity with the in-group, secrecy,
> >manipulativeness, ambition.  It is the way organized Theosophy
> >has been permeated by secret societies which has brought this
> >about.  Perhaps one could go so far as to say that the very
> >qualities of which the movement is most in need are the
> >qualities most likely to cause a person to be ostracized or at
> >least marginalized.
> >

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

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