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Two reviews of interest

Jun 21, 1996 11:27 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

While exploring some online databases, I came across two
citations of interest to theos-l readers (some, anyway):

On 2/29/96, Nature published an article by Walter Gratzer
called "It's no go Blavatsky," which turns out to be a review
of James Randi's Encyclopedia of Lies, Frauds and Hoaxes of the
Occult, published by St. Martin's last year.  Haven't seen the
book, but now my curiosity is whetted.  I explore Randi's
earlier attack on Cayce in my work in progress.

The second citation is for a review of The Masters Revealed in
a most peculiar place, a journal called Intelligence and
National Security, Vol. 11, Number 1.  I see it is in the
collection of Old Dominion University, and I'm headed east this
weekend, so will soon find out what this is all about.


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