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Re: Mail Order Theosophy

Jun 19, 1996 11:22 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 05:14 PM 6/19/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Only time will tell.
>    Peace to all living beings.
>    M K Ramadoss
>In a way of course, the Inter-net and modern communications technology is
absolutely vital. It has changed the world considerably and will change it
even more drastically in years to come. But I have a question.

What happens if all the members of the T.S. EXCEPT the Esoteric Section are
either members-at-large (which I am) or else electronic members? What
happens when actual human contact is lost? I think much of the rawness and
harshness sometimes experienced on this list is due to the personal
anonymity electronic contact provides. What then, happens to the T.S. when
the only members with face-to-face contact are members of the E.S.?

Is this what is desired by the administrators? How better to divide and
conquer than to detach?

alexis dolgorukii

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