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Re: Mail Order Theosophy

Jun 19, 1996 06:36 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 04:47 AM 6/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>It seems very likely. Theosophy seems to have very little to offer today
>>except to keep publishing theosophical writings, primarily the early ones.
>>This in itself is certainly a good thing to do, but there isn't much of a
>>dynamic impulse working through T to affect the world anymore. And I don't
>>see it coming back as a vital ingredients in this activity. T is like a
>>burnt out rocket engine - it gave the rocket a lot of impetus, and now
>>something else has to take over.

>And what might that "something else" be Bjorn?

The Masters didn't sit idle before Theosophy and they haven't slowed down
since. They have sent avatars and sponsored various religious impulses
throughout the ages. How can you find about what they are up to these days?
As Jesus said "My sheep know my voice". But, that may not help you, since he
didn't say "My volwes know my voice".


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