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Forwarding A. Bain's Comments on HPB in Tibet

Jun 19, 1996 12:38 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

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>> Subject: Re: H P Blavatsky in Tibet
>> All Follow-Up: Re: H P Blavatsky in Tibet
>> Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 01:06:31 +0100
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>> In article <>, Christopher Allen
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>> >M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> >>
>> >>  Here is some very interesting news relating to HPB's visit to
>> >>  Tibet. It is excerpted from Ergates, June 1996 issue.
>> >>  ----------------------------------------------
>> >
>> >>  Currently, most scholars belive that H.P.B. invented the
>> >>  *Stanzas of Dzyan* which form the basis of her *Secret
>> >>  Doctrine*. Most biographers of H.P.B. doubt that she ever went
>> >>  to Tibet, and claim that either she made up her Masters, or that
>> >>  H.P.B. was a trance medium who conjured Them spiritualistically.
>> >
>> >Interesting.  I wasn't aware that her visit to Tibet was in question.
>> A colleague of mine in England has gone into this question *very*
>> thoroughly.  At the time of HPB's visits to Tibet as published in
>> theosophical literature, the routes into that country were via India,
>> which was then firmly in the grip of the British Raj.  All border
>> crossings were manned by Brit officials who recorded the comings and
>> goings of everyone in a meticulous fashion.  Her name does, if I recall
>> correctly, appear in records relating to Nepal, but not to Tibet.
>> I am also informed (my friend is also a student of Tibetan history and
>> culture) that the description of a lamasery by HPB exactly matches an
>> illustration in a published book of the period, but does *not* match the
>> view of the place as actually *seen* on the ground. (Victorian English
>> illustrators were often romantic in their portrayal of the places they
>> wrote about).  I cannot right now offer more details (someone is bound
>> to ask) as my colleague is away on business for a time.
>> Alan Bain
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