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Re: Mail Order Theosophy

Jun 19, 1996 00:51 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 05:54 PM 6/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The current trend is that there are more un attached members than
>members attached to lodges, branches and study centers. If this trend
>continues, it is very likely that more and more of the lodges and
>branches will get shut down and TSA can sell the property and take
>over the assets and there will be no incentive to restart any of these
>lodges or branches or study centers. The logical conclusion is that
>finally we will have most members as members at large and business
>transacted via mail order. Much different than what was envisioned by
>the Founders.
>Can anyone tell me why this scenario is not likely?
>Peace to all living beings.
>      M K Ramadoss

I truly wish I could tell you why that scenario is not likely! But as you
well  know, neither I nor anyone else can, because it is by far the most
likely scenario. The worst problem is: I cannot understand WHY!

That might be a good thread of discussion.

alexis dolgorukii

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