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Re: TSA/Adyar -- bad Karma

Jun 18, 1996 05:23 PM
by Drpsionic

I don't know if there is an answer.  The TS is made up of mad individualists,
some of whom rejoice in it and some who are terrified by it.  Add to that mix
the generational differences and cultural backgrounds and you have one hell
of a stew.
Actually, we tend to get along pretty well, considering everything.  And we
must be honest and realize that no group of people is going to be totally
harmonius.  At least we don't have a history of killing each other.
My real feeling is that what is going on in the TS is something that is
natural in spiritual organizations after they reach a certain age and it will
either manage to work its problems out or it will cease to exist.  But I also
believe that theosophy transcends any organizational hassles and will
continue whether a formal society or societies is around or not.  After all,
we have the internet now.  We don't really need lodges and hqs to communicate
with each other.


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