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Re: TSA/Adyar -- bad karma

Jun 18, 1996 02:42 PM
by ramadoss


thanks for the nice words about me. Afterall we all can and do have widely
differing opinions on a lot of things. The only thing that unites all of us
are the three objects of the TS. If we all fight with each other and all of
us go away, there are a lot of people who I think will rejoice at the
prospect of these lists shut down. This is the only forum left to discuss
openly all the issues which each one of us think is very relevant to keep
the TS from self-destruction (it may continue as a mailorder outfit for a
long time), but not as a vibrant living open unsecret organization that HPB
and the Founders dreamed of. So let not our differences discourage our
common commitment. If after all our efforts, we see the TS as we know it go
down the tube, then it is on account of forces generated by itself and not
from any outside entity.

Let us unite and see what we can do to open the eyes of the bureaucrats.

MK Ramadoss
******** Peace to all living beings*****************

         M K Ramadoss

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