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Re: Review of what Dr. M., A.D. and D. DeG. have written on OOBEs and PSI, with additional comments by Daniel Caldwell

Jun 15, 1996 01:20 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

At 01:55 AM 6/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Various comments have been made by Dr. Mike Mueckler
>on the "reality" of out-of-the-body- experiences and psychic

I like to approach these issues from a practical perspective. There are at
least two good books online that are written by experienced out-of-body
travellers. They share in detail the exact techniques they are using and
many individual OB experiences. Although I don't recommend this type of OB
travel I find the reading very interesting. Some of their expereinces
parallell my own. I "accidentily" found myself out of the body several times
in my childhood/teenage years.


>Traveling: An accidental expert's how to leave
>your body handbook, Preface, copyright 1995,
>1996 A.Guiden
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>It has been twenty-six years since my first conscious "out of body
>travel." During that time, I've sought to fit the pieces of my perplexing
>talent. It was by necessity that I discovered the "out of body" answers
>while living the questions. To date, my "travels" total more than
>thirteen hundred.
>It is my responsibility to share what I've learned and "go public"
>because ironically, through my trial and error years of experience, I've
>become an expert.
>My informal, how-to-travel book will provide the previously scattered
>or absent answers. No gadgets or gizmos are required. You'll find
>everything you need, and some laughs along the way, in this singular
>source. I'll help you to fit the pieces, just as I've learned to do.
>Call it "getting out" or delightful dreaming. It's your choice. I'll be
>speaking specifically about my knowledge of being "out" and address
>how "nonphysical" feels and behaves, but this doesn't dictate that you
>must buy into my conclusions. Try some of the methods and formulate
>an opinion that's correct for you. Enjoy the scenery. Interesting
>discoveries are bound to be yours, regardless of your direction.
>I'm sure you've heard about OOBEs (Out Of Body Experiences)
>before. You may have heard a slanted, angled, lopsided, kinda believe
>it this way or that explanation. Well, we'll have none of that here. Sit
>back and get comfortable. I'll fill you in on my story, and, if you feel
>like it, you'll soon have one of your own to tell.
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