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re: TSA?

Jun 07, 1996 02:55 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Alan Bain writes:

>If I understand Sy correctly, it may be that the laws of
>Illinois (or even Federal law) could be in direct conflict with
>the articles of association of the T.S. (Adyar) - which would
>put the TSA in a similar situation to Canada ... if so, one of
>them would have to change, or the TSA would have to quit being a
>Section under Adyar rules ...

There is a third choice, and one Adyar takes for the US--where
nobody changes.  The American and French Sections have the same
conflict with their Federal laws as did the Canadian Section, and
Adyar knows all about it.  But they do nothing about it.  So why
are the French and American Sections treated differently from the
Canadian Section?  The French and American Sections are obedient
and loyal.  The Canadian Section was independent and asked
questions.  In other words, Federal conflicts with Adyar rules
are enforced according to criteria that has nothing to do with
Federal laws.  Invoking laws is just a ruse so that they don't
have to get into an argument with the Sections over the real
reasons.  The first time I became aware of this is when the issue
of apartheid came up in the South African Section.  This Federal
policy was in obvious violation to the first object of the TS.
Some suggested that the TS in South Africa should be disbanded
rather than making a hypocrisy of Theosophy and of the first
object by continuing to cooperate with this Federal law.  In this
case, Adyar decided to respect So. African law and look the other

There is another reason why Adyar would be very reluctant to
expel the American Section.  With our 4,000+ members we are the
Second largest section in the world (India is 1st with about
10,000 members and New Zealand third with about 1800.)  The
American Section has lots of very generous and wealthy members
who donate generously towards the upkeep and maintenance of
Adyar.  Expelling the American Section would be like killing the
goose in the hope of getting all of the eggs at once.

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