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Re: TI has a lot to do?

Jun 07, 1996 12:38 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

I was very glad to see this response to the Web idea. I think Chuck has
pinned down the essential approach and am convinced that it would result in
many happy visitors! I find this whole concept quite exciting.

Lambs and Wolves, Unite!


At 01:25 PM 6/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>The web page is a great idea.  The ones that get hit and keep getting hit are
>the ones that have lots of links.  So the best course would be to have short,
>concise statement about theosophy and TI on the home page (assuming we can
>ever decide what the TI objects are going to be) and then links to pages with
>longer documents which can range from public domain theo classics to essays
>from TI members that can all be downloaded for reading later.
>Chuck  MTI, FTSA

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