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Re: OOBEs are NOTHING BUT hallucinations: To Chuck

Jun 06, 1996 11:34 AM
by Blavatsky Foundation

>This discussion borders on the bizarre for the simple reason that remote
>viewing is considered reliable enough to be a standard intelligence
>If the out of body experience is nothing more than an hallucination, then a
>lot of us are in serious trouble.
>Chuck MTI, FTSA

I have just found out that  Dr. Mike Mueckler (I hope I am
spelling his last name correct!) has offered a challenge
to the Eckists and probably to anyone else that he will
pay $10,000 to anyone who can correctly read the 6 digits
taped on the mirror of his dresser in his bedroom.  I assume
the challenge is still in effect.

ARE YOU WILLING TO TRY?  You could use an
extra $10,000?  :  )

I hope the dollar amount is correct!.


P.S.  Dr. M.'s e-mail address is:  mike@cellbio.wustl

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