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MArtin's FAQ

Jun 04, 1996 12:12 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

W       When do we start? or rather when do we continue? I like what I hear
from Martin, & believe it's very necessary if Theosophy isn't going to
turn quickly into an interesting old fossil.
State Theosophy in a more modern idiom, so people don't have to spend a lot
of th energy first trying to decipher Victorian word meanings, instead of
being able to tackle the cogent ideas behind them right away. Many  people
don't have the luxury of that much spare time.

Absorb into Theosophy the newer modernday findings, which, I believe would
be mmostly an expansion & adaptation of the body of knowledge we already
have, as it can be applied to modern findings. HPB continually quotes her
contemporaries. Well, let's quote ours, where they fit in, and they do, many
of them, and where wwe disagree with many of them.

Emphasize the most those parts of Theosophy which are of the most interest
to peiople's search today.

Member TI

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