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Re: To Donna, Re: Chuck & Alexis

Jun 03, 1996 11:06 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 01:49 PM 6/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>At 02:12 AM 6/3/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Both the Bishop and Annie Besant are long passed away, but their influence
>>on the society, which I view as pernicious, has not.
>I have a special interest in Annie Besant and her writings. So far I have
>seen some psychic elements of influence that came through her and that I
>would agree were pernicious, but I haven't seen this in her writings. Can
>you give examples?
Surely, however, I said that "her influence was pernicious" and her
influence did not come from her writings. So then, let's start with
something far more important than her writings. Bjorn, are you aware that
Mrs. Besant was associated with Baron Julius D'Evola, and through him with
Mussolini whom she invited to write articles for "The Herald of The East"?(
He complied) If she was associated with Evola she was associated (at least
peripherally) with Rene Guenon who was a major opponent of theosophy. Can
this not be seen as "pernicious"?

Secondly; it is my belief that in her role as "Outer Head" of the Esoteric
Section, she set in motion an element that is in the process of dooming the
theosophical movement. Now, as to her writings: How familiar with the work
of Charles W. Leadbeater are you? I would suggest that you read his work and
her work in a comparative manner and see if you can actually tell when
Leadbeater leaves off and Mrs. Besant becomes original. The only writings of
Mrs. Besant which I believe to be original with her were her political
books, tracts,editorials, and pamphlets. Here a personality other than
Leadbeater's shines through. Mrs. Besant, although I believe her to be a
totalitarian, was a brilliant politician. It was allowing her name and
prestige to be attached to books I very much doubt she actually wrote
herself, that is pernicious. Actually Leadbeater's books are better written
as they, at least,no matter whether they are valid or not, are distinctly
original and much the better written.

Thirdly: She could, but didn't prevent the Krishnamurti Debacle. That is the
most pernicious of all.

alexis dolgorukii

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