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Re: Freedom!!!!!

Jun 02, 1996 11:36 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

There's a very old Zen saying that goes:

"Those who know...don't say...those who say...don't know".

As to your "meeting the Master Jesus"..that which cannot be empirically
proven shouldn't be "testified to". The most important thing that cannot be
empirically proven is the concept that Jesus was ever a real and living
person. If that is so, it would then be hard to encounter "his" spirit,
would it not?

Now as to intelligence tests? Most academics in the field of education
consider them to be a very poor indicator of intelligence at all. Secondly
tests given in the kind of circumstances you report are as easily
manipulated in any chosen direction as political polls and are therefore
about equally valid.

My strong disapproval of Elisabeth Clair Prophet arises from my estimation
that the woman is entirely fraudulent. The same disapproval also arises from
a lot of reading of her printed words and they are totally unoriginal and un
valid. My disapproval of her "disciples" arises from the fact that I find it
inconceivable that anyone could fall for her words.

In other words Bjorn, I don't "buy" your arguments. I've been observing
Elisabeth Prophet (and the entire "new Age" Metaphysical Community) for some
twenty years now and all I can say is that incredible banalities like "EL
Morya" and "Cosmic Secret agent K-17 (or was it K-27?) have provided me with
countless hour of amusement, the utter superficiality and banality of her
writing leaves me totally aghast and appalled that anyone could "fall for it".

You have been entirely "up front" and honest about your point of view, I
could do no other than be equally frank and honest in my response. I have no
animosity toward you are any of the people in the "I Am Movement" or the
"Church Universal and Triumphant" but i do have a good deal of pity.


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