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Re: Sheep vs Wolves

Jun 01, 1996 07:25 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Well, if the list owner refuses to take action, decent people will move on
>and leave the wolves to eat each other.

	Hello, Bjorn.  Welcome to theos-l.  You seem to have
the wrong idea about us.  "Decent people" are sheep.  Wolves
tend to eat sheep because they are smarter, faster, and more
hungry.  Sheep tend to be slow and stupid (not a nice word, I know,
but I can't think of a better one right now).
	Now, "sheep" refer to those theosophists who have
an intellectual understanding of Theosophy, who believe every word
of the theosophical texts, and who think that they know something.
"Wolves" are those theosophists who have added direct experiences
to their studies, who doubt some of the teachings given out in the
literature, and who also think that they know something.
	Theos-l is a green clovered wide-open pasture in which
the sheep meet up with the wolves.  A smart sheep will learn from
the encounter, while a really dumb one will run away in terror.  On
the other hand, the wolf too can learn here, and they too are dumb
who run off to seek after more docile sheep to kill.  Because not
all the sheep on theos-l will roll over and play dead, nor will all of
them bow down and serve the wolves.
	Now, the way I see it, the wolves would like nothing
more than for the sheep to wise up and become wolves too, wolves
being a lot more advanced than sheep (according to the wolves,
anyway).  The sheep on the other hand would all like the wolves
to go back into the forest where they belong (according to the sheep,
anyway) and leave them alone to contemplate this pretty pasture
in peace.  But the wolves refuse to go, and the sheep refuse to
become wolves.
	So, the bottom line for sheep is to learn what they can
and to practice what they have read in their books (compassion
etc).  And the bottom line for wolves is pretty much the same thing.
Some fun, huh?

>With a couple of individuals tyrranizing just about everybody else, without
>any restraint whatsoever, we have a situation of OPPRESSION, not freedom.
	Gee Bjorn,  you sound a bit sheepish here.  Could I interest
you in a very nice wolf coat?  Didn't think so.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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