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Re: Discussions

Jun 01, 1996 04:19 PM
by Drpsionic

I think the problem with Bjorn is that he has forgotten that theosophists are
human, not mythical beings who sit learning chelaship.  And he really does
not understand Americans.  He can't unless he's lived here long enough.
A couple of years ago a young (possibly, because I am now at the age when
anyone not covered in wrinkles looks young) woman from Denmark came to the
Annual Gathering.  She was very surprised at how utterly different American
Theosophists were from anything she had ever seen in Scandanavia, or the rest
of Europe for that matter.
We are a lot feistier and some of us, well, we do get a little carried away
at times especially if we come from backgrounds where it is the norm to
debate with some, well, nastiness for lack of a better word.  It comes from
getting death threats and being called an agent of the Antichrist for your
I wish Bjorn could have been at that meeting some years back in Chicago at
one of the lodges where the debate got so furious that the neighbors called
the police!  I spoke at the same lodge a few years later and after my talk
another debate broke out and Gerda and I literally fled the room.
Have you gotten onto alt.theosophy yet?  Once I can, it will probably take up
much more time than this list and Bjorn can be happy with his discussions as
bland as white sauce.  As it is, I spend most of my writing time answering
friend Alex's many posts.
After all, if I can bug millions of people....
Keep that vril stick handy.
And just think what HPB would have written if someone had called her the


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