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Re: Theosophy for Joe Sixpack and Theosophy for Disciples

Jun 01, 1996 04:19 PM
by Drpsionic

What have the great teachers really done except find reasons for people to
kill each other?
Sorry, I'm in a rather testy mood at the moment, but anyway, I think there is
room for many different approaches to theosophy and as long as we are willing
to respect each others' views and agree to disagree all should be well.
But please don't think that I am in any way interested in "social reform".
 That was a Victorian concept created by people whose one goal in life was to
come up with systems for other people to live under and we have born the
fruits of that madness throughout this century.  It is an idea that has
produced nothing but graveyards.
Theosophy in action is something not easily defined.  It does not reduce to
slogans very well and may be only something one does without actually
realizing one is doing it.  It means something different for each individual
and that is the problem with talking about it because while for me it may
mean going into battle for a friend, for others it may mean trying to control
someone else's behavior.  That's why us theosophists fight all the time.
I remember at the much over-touted World Parliament of Religions a few years
back I went to Jay Williams' talk.  When it was over two women took violent
issue with his idea that people should be able to agree to disagree on
things.  They were sitting in front of me and one of the had the temerity to
say "Just like Theosophists!"
I couldn't take it any more and in my most snobbish voice (ask Brenda if she
can remember be me using it) I piped in, "We rather like it that way."
In many ways, that's what siblinghood is all about, agreeing to disagree and
don't worry, I'm not into tearing down other people's placards as long as
they don't tear down mine, but then I have a feeling I wasn't the one that
comment was aimed at.


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