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Re: What are the Masters doing?

Jun 01, 1996 01:32 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:48 PM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:
>You will be hearing from Alex shortly.  Flame retardant armor is recommended.
>But seriously on this.  The list runs in cycles.  We get very serious and
>scholarly for a while then we get burned out on that and have some fun for a
>while and then we get serious and scholarly again.
>Part of creating a nucleus of universal siblinghood is learning to get along
>with each other despite our foibles and some of us are more open about them
>than others. I like to make jokes and Alex likes to snarl.  In the meantime,
>there is more to people than philosophy and if this list corrects one of the
>big, huge problems the ts has, namely that people in it rarely know each
>other very well, than it will than more have served its purpose.
> Theosophists are humans with human problems and human failings.  We eat, we
>drink, we bleed, we laugh, we mourn and on this list we have often done it
>together.  It has allowed me to make new friends (and a few new enemies) and
>renew old friendships as well.  And if I pick on you it's all in fun in the
>hope that you'll laugh at your own foibles as I laugh with others at mine.
>You're in a different culture here.  Relax and learn to enjoy it for what it
>is.  After all, you wouldn't expect to hear Wagner at a rock concert and the
>internet is as raucous as it comes..
>Chuck MTI, FTSA

I don't like to "snarl" it just comes with the genetics and with my totem,
that and flames through the nostrils are par for the course. I don't snarl
all the time, only when I mean it. Sometimes I just lash my tail and lower
my ears


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