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Re: Please stop this

Jun 01, 1996 00:42 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 08:13 PM 5/31/96 -0400, you wrote:

>>>Anymore than it makes you right, and I have facts on my side.
>>No Liesel it's you who need to grow up and you don't have that much time.

>Alexis - your bottom line above I find difficult to read as anything
>other than cruel, and fond as I may be of you, I hope you will withdraw
>it and apologise.
>Alan :-(
>Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

You're quite correct I was extremely angry and spoke without thinking but
desiring to hurt. I withdraw the "bottom line" and truly apologize for it as
I was sorry I said it the moment I pressed the "send" button.

However, that does not effect the fact that I am still very angry with
Leisel as she ignores everything I say and do except that one thing. My
comments about Leadbeater. But they are facts, and all of the evidence is on
my side of the argument. And I do not believe the van Gelders are being
truthful on this subject. They are far too personally involved with the man.
If one has to admire or ignore Leadbeater to have some kind of relationship
with Leisel, I will forgo the pleasure. When, not if, theosophy goes down
the tubes it will be primarily CWL's fault.


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