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Re: Theosophy for Joe Sixpack and Theosophy for Disciples

May 31, 1996 08:58 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

Thank you Eldon!

Your appearance on the seen gives me some hope! You are talking from your
heart and from an inner realization. And you are touching on very central
issues. What theosophists have become is what people are going to associate
with theosophy.


>There's another important work, and that involves the preservation
>and carrying forward of the theosophical doctrines, as a living
>tradition. That work provides an opportunity for people, when they
>feel the attraction, to draw closer to the Mysteries.
>Carrying forward the doctrines as a living tradition, there needs
>to be people that have learned them and made them a part of their
>lives. These people provide an opportunity to pass on an understanding
>of the philosophy that cannot be approached simply by reading books.

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