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Re: Book Offering

Feb 27, 1996 02:02 PM
by liesel f. deutsch


Please send some sort of sign of your book store's existence to a friend of
mine who collects antique theosophical books.

                (Mrs.) Linda McLean
                16056 NW Edward Ct.
                Beaverton Ore. 97006


>Book offering:
>     As suggested by several of you, I have selected a few books
>that are representative of what I sell, and what might be of
>interest to theos-xxx readers.  All books are hard cover and
>first editions except where otherwise specified.  New books are
>labled "New."  In most cases there is no more than one copy of
>each title of the used books, so they are available on a first
>come basis.  Please contact me at the above header if you are
>interested in any of them.  Postage: $2.00 domestic.  Will advise
>for overseas orders:
>1. Bailey, Alice. ~Initiation Human and Solar.~  Lucis Pub. Co.,
>1959. 7th ptg.  Her first book.  Covers the basic teachings. Nice
>clean copy.  $10.00
>2. Donnelly, Ignatius.  ~Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.~
>Harper & Brothers, 1882.  Green cloth with gold stamping. Front
>end paper missing. Some minor discoloration from water staining
>on the tips of some pages.  Otherwise a clean well bound copy.
>Unedited reprints of this classic are not available anymore, and
>first editions like this one are very hard to come by. $30.00
>3. Godwin, Joscelyn et al. ~The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor~
>Weiser, 1995.  The only documented account of this secret order.
>New. $25.00
>4. Hough, Graham. ~The Mystery Religion of W.B. Yeats.~  Barnes
>and Noble, 1984. Clean with clean dust jacket.  Comprehensive
>account of Yeats' involvement with the Occult. $15.00
>5. Kanga, D.D. ~Where Theosophy and Science Meet~  4 vols. with
>dust jackets.  Adyar Library Association 1938-39.  Clean set.
>6. "Levi" (Levi H, Dowling). ~The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the
>Christ.~  L.N. Fowler, 1925. 9th ed.  Black leather boards with
>cloth spine. Rounded corners. Cover slight chipped at the ends,
>otherwise an unusually nice and fancy copy.  Book plate.  This is
>a real classic, and is supposed to be an account of the lost
>years of Jesus taken from the akashic records.  $20.00
>7. Lutyens, Lady Emily. ~Candles in the Sun.~ J.B. Lippincott Co.
>1957.  Dust Jacket rubbed, otherwise clean and tight.  This is
>Lady Emily's first hand account of her relationship with
>Krishnamurti and of those days in the TS.  $12.00
>8. Mead, G.R.S. ~The Hymn of the Rode of Glory.~ Vol. 10 of the
>Echoes from the Gnosis series.  TPS, 1908. Green cloth, white
>imprint; faded.  some light pencil markings, otherwise clean and
>tight binding.  $10.00
>9. Mead, G.R.S. ~The Chaldean Oracles.~ Vol. 9 of the Echoes from
>the Gnosis series. TPS, 1908. Green cloth, white imprint; faded.
>Clean and tight binding. $10.00
>10. Nethercott, Arthur H. ~The First Five Lives of Annie Besant.~
>U. of Chicago press, 1960. Clean and tight but with a 1 inch
>blemish on the dusk jacket where someone apparently removed a
>label that was stuck on with permanent glue.  Besant's life up to
>1893 with the Parliament of Religions.  $15.00
>11. [Robb, Richard]. ~Symposium of H.P. Blavatsky's Secret
>Doctrine. Proceedings Sat. & Sun. July 21-22, 1984. Seventeen
>papers from four countries.~  New (soft cover). $6.00
>12. Sloss, Radha Rajagopal. ~Lives in the Shadow.~  This is the
>original (hard to find in the U.S.) British Bloomsbury edition of
>the controversial account of Krishnamurti's twenty year affair
>with his partner's wife.  New. $25.00

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