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Book Offering

Feb 26, 1996 01:12 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Book offering:

     As suggested by several of you, I have selected a few books
that are representative of what I sell, and what might be of
interest to theos-xxx readers.  All books are hard cover and
first editions except where otherwise specified.  New books are
labled "New."  In most cases there is no more than one copy of
each title of the used books, so they are available on a first
come basis.  Please contact me at the above header if you are
interested in any of them.  Postage: $2.00 domestic.  Will advise
for overseas orders:


1. Bailey, Alice. ~Initiation Human and Solar.~  Lucis Pub. Co.,
1959. 7th ptg.  Her first book.  Covers the basic teachings. Nice
clean copy.  $10.00

2. Donnelly, Ignatius.  ~Atlantis: The Antediluvian World.~
Harper & Brothers, 1882.  Green cloth with gold stamping. Front
end paper missing. Some minor discoloration from water staining
on the tips of some pages.  Otherwise a clean well bound copy.
Unedited reprints of this classic are not available anymore, and
first editions like this one are very hard to come by. $30.00

3. Godwin, Joscelyn et al. ~The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor~
Weiser, 1995.  The only documented account of this secret order.
New. $25.00

4. Hough, Graham. ~The Mystery Religion of W.B. Yeats.~  Barnes
and Noble, 1984. Clean with clean dust jacket.  Comprehensive
account of Yeats' involvement with the Occult. $15.00

5. Kanga, D.D. ~Where Theosophy and Science Meet~  4 vols. with
dust jackets.  Adyar Library Association 1938-39.  Clean set.

6. "Levi" (Levi H, Dowling). ~The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the
Christ.~  L.N. Fowler, 1925. 9th ed.  Black leather boards with
cloth spine. Rounded corners. Cover slight chipped at the ends,
otherwise an unusually nice and fancy copy.  Book plate.  This is
a real classic, and is supposed to be an account of the lost
years of Jesus taken from the akashic records.  $20.00

7. Lutyens, Lady Emily. ~Candles in the Sun.~ J.B. Lippincott Co.
1957.  Dust Jacket rubbed, otherwise clean and tight.  This is
Lady Emily's first hand account of her relationship with
Krishnamurti and of those days in the TS.  $12.00

8. Mead, G.R.S. ~The Hymn of the Rode of Glory.~ Vol. 10 of the
Echoes from the Gnosis series.  TPS, 1908. Green cloth, white
imprint; faded.  some light pencil markings, otherwise clean and
tight binding.  $10.00

9. Mead, G.R.S. ~The Chaldean Oracles.~ Vol. 9 of the Echoes from
the Gnosis series. TPS, 1908. Green cloth, white imprint; faded.
Clean and tight binding. $10.00

10. Nethercott, Arthur H. ~The First Five Lives of Annie Besant.~
U. of Chicago press, 1960. Clean and tight but with a 1 inch
blemish on the dusk jacket where someone apparently removed a
label that was stuck on with permanent glue.  Besant's life up to
1893 with the Parliament of Religions.  $15.00

11. [Robb, Richard]. ~Symposium of H.P. Blavatsky's Secret
Doctrine. Proceedings Sat. & Sun. July 21-22, 1984. Seventeen
papers from four countries.~  New (soft cover). $6.00

12. Sloss, Radha Rajagopal. ~Lives in the Shadow.~  This is the
original (hard to find in the U.S.) British Bloomsbury edition of
the controversial account of Krishnamurti's twenty year affair
with his partner's wife.  New. $25.00

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