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UPLOADS to theos-roots

Feb 25, 1996 03:48 PM
by Alan

As stated in a posting to theos-l, the work of uploading "source"
material to theos-roots has resumed.  Following a disk crash, it became
necessary to go to the archive in search of the material *already
uploaded.*  This is not always obvious to find unless perhaps a
particular item is the *only* item uploaded on a particular date, as
postings are archived by date, with only a short description of the
contents for that date.  This is due to the nature of the system, and
not to any shortcomings on the part of John Mead or any of us who post
messages to and from the lists.

When I have time, I will post details of material available in ASCII
format, together with the filenames I have used for it (such as the
latest KEY06.TXT).

For those who subscribe regularly, there is not much of a problem, as
new material will download into their mailboxes as a matter of course,
but newcomers may benefit from this information, and if need be, I can
e-mail individual files to individual subscribers via their private e-
mail address.

I mus extend a very special "Thank You" to Kim Poulson of Denmark, who
kindly e-mailed me *all* of the files I had previously uploaded, so that
I am now able to take up where I left off.

And someone once asked what *purpose* there was in setting up THEOSOPHY

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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