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Re: Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 10, 1996 06:49 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Good for your nephew, Miles. It sound as if he'd actually be going to a
school where he'd learn something. Our schools seem to try to improve too.
I'm not too much in touch, because my grandkids live in Virginia. My mailing
address is Syracuse NY, & the town of Syracuse has several "magnet" schools
where they team teach & the kids od projects, & etc.

I thought of something else theosophical. There is something called "The
Round Table". It's like a club, or Cub Scouts for theosophical kids. Does
anyone have any information about the Roundtable? Also, the Order of Service
has a unit for parents. There's always a section for parents on theri
magazine "For The Love of Life". TOS publishes several children's books.
There's 1 on animal stories to which I contributed a story about a Parisian
alley cat. There was also an attempt at a children's magazine, which folded
after 2 editions. I contributed to that.

Member TI, HR, 5thRR

>On Fri, 9 Feb 1996 22:41:50 -0500, you wrote:
>JRC comments:
>>What, then, do you (anybody (-:)?) think Theosophy would have to
>>say about the raising of children - the field is wide open, as in all the
>>thousands of pages of "source" writings very few words are mentioned on
>>the topic.
>I don't have time right now to think through anything for myself on
>this, but one area that might be interesting (and appropriate for
>theos-buds) is the influence of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf
>I know he really isn't one of 'our' guys, and I don't have very much
>info on his educational theories, but its still in our ballpark. Also,
>my little nephew Miles will be going to a small rural elementary
>school in a few years where there is a strong Waldorf and Montessori
>influence (-even though it's a public school - if you're small enough,
>and you're in Santa Cruz County, CA., the bureaucrats will sometimes
>look the other way while you try to be good to your kids).
>Anyway I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts on this.
>         Peace -
>                      Gregg

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