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Re: 3 Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 09, 1996 05:19 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

My messages from theos-l have been coming through just fine.

As for seeing red re civil liberties, I don't think anyone on this list
would think ill of you you for that. I think we're for protecting civil
liberties. I myself am very sensitive to them, having gotten out of Nazi
Germany 3 months after Hitler got elected, & then watching, from afar, how
that whole scenario developed. I can smell a breech of civil liberties from
10 miles away.
Liesel, Member TI,HR, 5thRR

>On Wed, 7 Feb 1996 18:07:30 -0500,
>(Fredrik Montelius) wrote:
>>I understand that I have failed to distinguish
>>between my stating the Masters feeling the need to appoint a *thought
>>police* and,
>> as I SHOULD have written,  a PROPHECY such a thing will once see the light
>>of day.
>>Personally, I am not wholly against the idea for the reasons stated by Mr
>>Stentiford, but my PERSONAL view in this matter
>>has NOTHING to do with the Theosophical teachings
>>and should therefore not be mixed with the views of the Masters.
>Thank you for this clarification. I should apologize myself for being
>a bit explosive. The issue at hand is one that should be reasonably
>debatable among reasonable people. Still, I admit to being almost an
>absolutist when it comes to civil liberties, so the implication that
>HPB *advocated* the policing idea naturally pressed all my hot
>At another time, perhaps, we may want to discuss the issue of a
>theosophical, or even just spiritual, approach to civil liberties.
>There are clearly some differences among us, and such a discussion may
>even help our thinking on some other issues that have concerned these
>lists in the past, i.e. democracy in the TS organizations.
>Well, this little teapot is declaring the tempest quelled, and I hope
>we remain friends.
>---By the way--- I haven't gotten any mail from the theos-l list in
>over 2 days, even though I have been sending mail to there (including
>a reposting (sent twice) of my original message that started this
>thread). Normally, I would at least see my own messages come back.
>Does anyone else have this problem? Is it just me or is the theos-l
>list having trouble?
>     Peace to all beings -
>     Gregg Bartle, member Theosophy International

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