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Re: Protest Unconstitutional Bill

Feb 07, 1996 12:06 PM
by Fredrik Montelius

Reply to Rich Taylor, ULT San Fransisco from Fredrik Montelius, Sweden.
Thank you for your comment on my e-letter. You certainly have a point in
what you are saying, Mr. Taylor. I will think about what you wrote..
F. Montelius

>Fred from ULT Sweden wrote,
>> Almost any Good American would stand up for the rights of the First
>Amendment Right to
>> Freedom of Speech.  This is very understandable. Far too many can testify
>> the pains of restrictions on this freedom, forced by a state upon the
>> individual man. But among all cries for The Individual Rights, often the
>> aspect of Individual Responsibility is forgotten. Did not HPB rage against
>> the media and did she not just hate all the "mental pollution" (my
>> expression) distributed by newspapers (and I am more than certain she would
>> include any other media operating today) saying that journalists were
>> responsible for spreading mental diseases by writing articles in an
>> unresponsible manner, and did she not say that the Masters had said there
>> would some day in an unspecified future be neccesary to appoint an entirely
>> new police force, a "thought police" unit, to defend people against
>> destructive thinking?
>Boy this is a challenging post, and from a fellow ULT associate to boot!
>I am honestly confused by contradicting moral imperatives.
>(1) The Masters teach, and I firmly believe, that to interfere with an
>individual's free will is black magic and produces awful results every time
>for all concerned.
>(2) The Masters also teach us to defend people from unjust attacks, to
>repudiate hypocrisy, to lead clean, pure, giving, honest, compassionate
>How are we to lead pure lives defending people from harm and injustice, and
>yet allow maximum liberty and freedom for each incarnate Monad to grow and
>experience and learn as it sees fit?  What to do when these vehicles of body
>and prana and lower mind just don't behave the way we want them to?
>This is a central legal dilemma in America and in any free nation (Sweden is
>among the freest and most permissive, from what I know).  But beyond the
>merely legal dilemma, what is the moral imperative here?
>Thank you, Fred, for making me and all of us stop and think about these
>important issues.
>Rich Taylor, U.L.T. San Francisco

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