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Other sources of WQJ

Feb 04, 1996 03:56 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

In my laziness I forgot to give the published sources of the two articles
of WQJ I just posted (no scanner here) from Theoslodge Online WWW site at

"Aphorisms on Karma" is in pamphlet # 6, titled ~Karma~, from Theosophy
Company, 245 West 33rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90007. Also in Vol. 1 of their
book ~William Q. Judge: Theosophical Articles~ pp. 120-24. Also in the
book ~Echoes of the Orient~ Vol. 1, pp 313-16, available through
Theosophical University Press, PO Box C, Pasadena, CA 91109-7107.

"How Should We Treat Others?" is in ~Echoes~ 1, pp 479-82 and in ~WQJ
Articles~ 2, pp 357-61. Also in the Theosophy Co. pam #23 titled
~Theosophical Study and Practice~.

Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles
	Men must learn to love the truth before they thoroughly believe it.
		HP Blavatsky

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