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Feb 03, 1996 09:14 AM
by ti

The following article first appeared in the January/February
1996 issue of ~The Theosophical Journal~ of the T.S. in England,
and is reproduced by permission of the author.



Can The Theosophical Society Move On?

The Age of Pisces has been about the development of the
individual. This has thrown up great charismatic leaders,
initiates embodying an idea, attracting dedicated followers (and
their energies) to implement it against all opposition. These
latter have often suffered deprivation, degradation, torture and
death rather than surrender their beliefs. As the 6th ray
energies became concretised, devotion often swung over into
fanaticism. Then with the backing of their devotees many great
leaders went on to instigate reigns of terror to instil and
maintain the rightness of their own creed. At this stage they
were totally blinkered to any other possibility and completely
engulfed by the separatism of thinking theirs was the ONLY way.
As no-one has a corner on the Truth, this intense sureness
brought about schism, division and war. This led inevitably to
the oppression of the individual who then developed by
struggling to be free.

All this has peaked in the last century of the age emphasized by
its numerologically associative energies. The dominating numbers
of this century have been 1 (rank individualism: 'I did it MY
WAY') and 9 (idealism, fanaticism, Mars, god of war). The 19th
century was the culmination of a cycle and towards its close the
seeds of a new cycle were sown. The 20th has been the beginning
of a new cycle, a time of terrible clashes between old and new.

The above qualities have manifested at all levels - personal,
national, global. Examples abound, both historically and in
current news bulletins. It is the same process: what starts out
as the impetus of a new opportunity topples over into separative
selfish usage of the energies which themselves are neutral. The
end result is corrupt self-seeking institutions maintaining
their status by force, totally unable to fulfil current needs.
But as the one constant is Change we don't have to put up with
that forever. So those of us who insisted on incarnating at the
end of an age have the following to look forward to.

At the moment the terrible throes of transition are our lot as
Piscean entities battle for their existence or are unearthed
after long suppression. These clash with incoming Aquarian
energies creating dissatisfaction and disruption and imbalance.
Fanatical idealism will increase throughout the 1990s with many
examples of people who start out saving life and end up taking
it. But in the longer term as the 7th ray energies manifest more
strongly and finally sweep away the remnants of the 6th, there
are new expressions for us to be drawn towards.

The Age of Aquarius is about groups; self-regulating
power-sharing groups which are able to bring about a SYNTHESIS
of everyone's input, ideas, skills and to develop everyone's
potential via support and mutual tolerance. It is the opposite
of 'The End justifies the means' for in fact the means ALTER the
end. It will no longer be a case of one person's vision being
implemented by others, but a joint vision arising from
co-operation with others.  This leads an endeavour to exciting
and unexpected results and much more in keeping with the
participant's expression. What is built belongs to and consists
of all its parts and greater than its divisions.
There will be less need to depend for our inspiration on an
AUTHORITY. Teachings will be our guides, our point of
enlightened recognition of that which lies within us all.

The 7th ray includes all other rays: it is diffuse, diverse, yet
binds and orders the differences into unity.It is like a spray
which nourishes the whole garden and everything in it
transforming disparity into functional pattern. Aquarius is not
about beliefs - those emotional anchors and separators. It's
about knowing, which can be experienced at many levels. Science
will prove the ageless wisdom. There will be much mental
activity because Aquarius is an air sign BUT the symbol is the
Water Carrier and these are the waters of the intuition, so
direct gnosis will occur.

 From the year 2000 this will be implemented by drawing on the
numerological qualities of the number 2 which will be dominant.
This is the number of the intuition, the quality which
recognizes and identifies with the other. At this point we shall
feel the effect of the zero which indicates the gateway to the
subjective side of being, and as there will be several zeros
this will be emphasized.


Beginning when it did, it was entirely appropriate that The
Theosophical Society's first impulse was set off by a collection
of charismatic figures devoted to the task and my admiration for
them is very deep, H. P. Blavatsky especially. Reading her life
makes me feel very inconsequential. But as I look round the TS
at meetings and other gatherings I 'see' (in several senses) so
many people with their own contributions and I think, "What a
wonderful diversity". The breakthrough I made in my studies at
the 1995 Summer School was led by the teachings but actually
achieved by talking to and listening to about 15 people, till
WHAM! through my resistances I shot into an entirely new
dimension of understanding, doors opening up in all directions.I
find this in my study groups too, that I move forward on the
wave of the composite perception from which I receive and to
which I contribute.  Everyone there is essential to the process.

So can we take up on this infinite potential? Can we get away
from hierarchies and positions of power? Can we for instance
circulate the position of chair in our gatherings so that
everyone learns this skill and adds their own unique flavour to
proceedings? Can we wherever possible meet in circles instead of
teacher-class formations ? Can we surrender our position of
superiority towards newcomers and welcome them just as they are
with whatever they bring to us ? Can we give up our arrogant
opinions about the 'right' interpretations of the teachings and
accept them gladly as a superb tool for expansion?

Can we reverently lay to rest old ways and struggle on into new?
Or if we don't want to, can we let those who do, forge ahead
with our blessing? How I pray that the new shoots I see here and
there can be nourished by the old and encouraged to grow into
something worthy of our great beginnings.

Ruby Tovet

The contributor joined The Theosophical Society in England in
1983 and is an unattached member living in London.

Uploaded by Alan Bain.

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