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Feb 02, 1996 00:35 AM
by ti

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL comprises those who subscribe to the the
three objects of the TS, but in a more up to date form based on
suggestions by members of the internet community, and expressed

1. To form a nucleus within the universal human family, without
discrimination with regard to sex (including sexual
orientation), creed, class, or color.

2. To encourage and engage in the study of comparative religion,
theosophy, philosophy, and the scientific method, according to
individual ability and inclination.

3. To investigate unexplained laws of nature and unrealized
human potential and abilities, at the same time respecting _all_

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL is simply a Theosophical Network,
whereby it is sufficient to declare one's sympathy and/or
allegiance to the three objects, and to be registered as having
done so.  No belief system is required _nor assumed to be held_
by any member.

There are no fees, no subscriptions, although voluntary
donations and/or contributions _could_ be made to specific
projects or even individuals for particular and specified
purposes.  As THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL does not have and does not
need rules, whether anyone participates in or supports any such
activity is an entirely personal matter.

We do hope to be of service, and to share what we have with
others in amity with all theosophical organizations.

Total confirmed membership to date: 26 members in five countries.

Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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