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SD PROEM [2/2]

Jan 20, 1996 07:23 PM
by Dr.A.M.Bain

are, in almost every case, the late developments of the later
language, and pertain to the Fifth Root-Race.  Sanskrit, as now
known, was not spoken by the Atlanteans, and most of the
philosophical terms used in the systems of the India of the
post-Mahabharatan period are not found in the Vedas, nor are
they to be met with in the original Stanzas, but only their
equivalents. The reader who is not a Theosophist, is once more
invited to regard all that which follows as a fairy tale, if he
likes; at best as one of the yet unproven speculations of
_dreamers_; and, at the worst, as an additional hypothesis to
the many Scientific hypotheses past, present and future, some
exploded, others still lingering. It is not in any sense worse
than are many of the so called Scientific theories; and it is in
every case more philosophical and probable.

In view of the abundant comments and explanations required, the
references to the footnotes are given in the usual way, while
the sentences to be commented upon are marked with figures.
Additional matter will be found in the Chapters on Symbolism
forming Part II., as well as in Part III., these being often
more full of information than the text.

<1996 note: the above paragraph will be of little help with an
e-text such as this; however, it remains relevant to printed
editions of the SD, and is included for reference>.

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